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Our features cover how cutting edge technology and research in these areas are developing and being applied to real industry challenges, and analyse how investing in data science can benefit business efficiency and turnover.

As a specialist machine learning innovation company, we continually collaborate with business partners and freelance data science professionals to help deliver the highest-quality solutions to industry challenges. This is the cornerstone of our Innovation Sandbox programme, which focuses on bringing talented people and ideas together to produce the best results for our clients. We believe in sharing knowledge and ideas with the science community so others can develop and the industry can benefit from our projects and findings.

Explore our project case studies to find real, in-depth examples of our pioneering work in developing successful solutions in machine learning, deep learning, AI, predictive maintenance, big data, and more, across a range of industries.

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Element Six case study


Chemically, physically and visually identical to their mined counterparts, synthetic diamonds and tungsten carbide super materials promise the same benefits to industry… plus that bit more.

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Jack Trigger Racing


Modern ocean racing sailing boats are high performance machines, almost more comparable to aircraft than the yachts of old. They combine cutting edge material science, aero and hydrodynamics, navigation systems, telecommunications, and sensors.

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Edge Vs Cloud for Manufacturers


Benchmarking plays a critical role within manufacturing – allowing businesses to identify how to make their operations more efficient and profitable. Widely adopted as a practice across most industries, the resources it demands to do well means it is often the domain of large scale organisations only.

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Data & Analytics
Emily Lacey-Boyce

Summer Round up 2022

Welcome to the latest instalment of our blog series, a monthly newsletter where we look back at the highlights of the month and share what’s coming up next!

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