The Importance of data in manufacturing

Data In Manufacturing

Data is at the heart of manufacturing. However, with the advent of digital technologies and AI and ML the collection and use of data has taken on new importance. See how manufacturing is reshaping thanks to data and new technologies

Predicting UTI Risk In Care Homes Pt. 2

Predicting UTI Risk in Care Homes

This article marks the conclusion of the project, its findings and new potential areas of development. Read the transcript from the episode with Eric Topham (ERIC), Kohdai Komorya (K), Hamid Khandahari (H) and Emily Naylor (E).

Why Data Has Gravity

Data Has Gravity

Cognition as a Service (CaaS) with a distributed learning framework for performance, cost efficiency and data privacy

AI To Combat “Fake News”

Ai to fight fake news

Fake news. We’ve probably fallen victim to it once or twice, and it does a perfect job of illustrating how everyday technology platforms like Facebook can come with a few unintended consequences. We caught up with Inpulsus, a born-digital consulting firm that helps companies transform their marketing to try and answer the question: Can AI combat misinformation on social media?

AI applications in the retail industry

Customer Retention and AI

Technological innovation and the increasing capabilities of AI are continuously developing to make the retail experience as efficient as possible. How is Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) making waves in retail?