Summer Round up 2022

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Supervised learning vs unsupervised learning


Machine Learning is all about understanding data, and what can be taught under this assumption. This post introduces supervised learning vs unsupervised learning differences by taking the data side, which is often disregarded in favor of modelling considerations.

Setting up an Experimentation Data Science Environment in Azure

title graphic for setting up a data science environment in azure

It can be daunting to navigate different tools and answering a simple question, “where to start?”. If you have some data on your hands and you want to do some data science and you want to do it NOW, this post will explain how to “switch on” the infrastructure you need.

The ML & AI Opportunity in 2020

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3 Ways Brands Use Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data - 3 Ways Your Brain Can Use It

This is only one example of where brands use big data & machine learning to bring huge business benefits. What could you do? Download The Info-graphic Here Boost Revenues through Product Recommendation Engines Improve Conversion through Personalisation Brands can use personalisation engines to improve customer experience by providing the right information, in the right format, […]

Top 3 challenges for manufacturers when going digital

Rapid changes are taking place as we enter the era of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories. So what are the top 3 challenges for manufacturers when going digital? Manufacturing organisations are now beginning to realise the importance of digitising and automating their processes, and are now enjoying reduced processing costs and increased efficiency. Digital transformation […]