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T-DAB is a technology company on a mission to revolutionise the building and transformation of Internet of Things (IoT) powered industrial businesses through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

From Data Strategy to building AI to MLOps, we can help you accelerate your time to value and scale AI across your business.

The Edge AI platform
for industrial IoT: OctaiPipe

OctaiPipe provides built-in machine learning algorithms and models to help companies integrate AI applications into their products and internal business processes, and deliver AI at scale.

OctaiPipe enables industry to access the promises of AI of new business models, environments, and revenues by delivering Edge AI that is more affordable, private, scalable, and resilient


OctaiPipe is a cross-platform, end-to-end Edge AI platform optimised for creating, deploying, and managing machine learning solutions in industrial IoT environments.

Deployments on OctaiPipe are more affordable, private, scalable, and resilient for on-device intelligence due to its advanced on device federated machine learning capabilities, as well as innovative edge MLOps technology.

OctaiPipe enables you to finally unlock the value of AI using...

Accelerated AI

Deploy OctaiPipe in less than 1 day

Federated AI

Learn across thousands of devices without centralising data

Private AI

Intelligence without compromising data privacy and ownership

Cost efficient AI

On device learning and prediction minimises network data transfer and cloud compute costs

ML-Ops managed AI

Automated and AI managed model lifecycle, overcoming engineering resource shortages

Resilient AI

AI that is less reliant on cloud services and network stability for on-device intelligence

Octaipipe removes common barriers by leveraging Federated Learning

Where appropriate, rather than move data, we move models to the data – train models locally at nodes, then aggregate the models
Maximises privacy and security
Minimizes data transfer and compute costs
Relies less on network or cloud connectivity
Immutable properties of dockerised pipelines ensure replicability and portability between devices and locations

Octaipipe platform: enabling edge ai


Connectors to common development environments, pre-build assets, and ready to deploy solutions for data scientists to create and deploy solutions easily between the edge and the cloud


A decentralised MLOps platform automating the entire lifecyle management of machine learning applications for Edge AI


Multitenancy MLOps platform portal with interfaces for system overview, data exploration, system and device health monitoring, data and model performance monitoring, and no-code ML solution (re)training

OctaiPipe is an Edge AI platform for Industrial IoT:

Edge ML-Ops

Automated ML-Ops platform optimised scale ML distributed applications through their entire lifecycle either at the Edge or in the cloud

Edge ML solutions

Ecosystem catalogue of pre-packaged models, components, and platform to solve high value use cases

Edge Federated Learning

OctaiPipe delivers on device intelligence minimising data transfer and compute costs, privacy risks, latency issues, and cloud service dependency.

Octaipipe Features

  • Rapid automated deployment with infrastructure as code
  • Cloud agnostic and portable
  • Seamless edge-cloud connectivity
  • Experimentation and model management tools
  • Seamless model deployment to the cloud or the edge’ should be Automated and scalable model deployment to the cloud or the edge
  • AI automated and scalable model deployment’ should be ‘AI managed MLOps for model deployment’
  • Federated learning capabilities
  • Learning and prediction optimized for micro computers

Octaipipe runs on…

Compatible with all major ML/DL libraries

OctaiPipe builds models in ONNX format, making OctaiPipe solutions framework agnostic

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