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T-DAB is a technology company on a mission to revolutionise the building and transformation of Internet of Things (IoT) powered industrial businesses through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

From Data Strategy to building AI to MLOps, we can help you accelerate your time to value and scale AI across your business.

Who we Help

We are enabling a variety of industry players to unlock productivity, access new revenues, and operate in novel environments with OctaiPipe: distributed EdgeAI platform

OctAIPipe: An end-to-end Edge AI ENABLING PLATFORM

Combining Federated Learning and Edge MLOps delivers AI for IoT that is truly scalable and fit for purpose.

Industries we serve

OctaiPipe is use-case agnostic and is delivered ready with apps, tools, and templates to deliver benefits across different domains.

Industry 4.0

Enhance and enable your Industry 4.0 strategy by embracing OctaiPipe to deliver machine learning that is more scalable, cost and data efficient and private with a greater degree of device autonomy.

Smart Utilities

Optimise asset performance through improved outage management and energy distribution, predicting asset anomalies to increase resolution time and better understand customer needs and pain points.

Connected Shipping

Manage and maintain your remote fleet securely and more cost efficiently by reducing the demand on satellite connectivity and deploying AI controlled systems into your vessels to operate intelligently.


Predict critical events, diagnose malfunctions and optimise control through the adoption of machine learning and predictive analytics to increase production and quality, reduce costs and waste, and manage production remotely.


Manage and maintain critical energy assets, components and infrastructure to extend remaining useful life and improve energy forecasts to optimise performance and grid demand and availability. 

Connected Vehicles

Increase connected vehicle and EV intelligence at scale and in real time by leveraging the mass of data generated on each vehicle to optimise driver and passenger experience and vehicle performance.

Smart Cities & Buildings

Smart HVAC control enables you to increase building efficiency. Optimise your solutions with intelligent infrastructure to make decisions at the source, and lower carbon emissions, reducing data transfer. 

Asset management

Manage and maintain a range of assets with entire intelligence lifecycle on device that is less reliant on connectivity for critical intelligent functions and learns from the network of assets and devices.

People we serve

Human to Machine: From Data Scientist to Device

FOR Data scientists & developers

Build, train and deploy your own AI/ML pipelines at the edge using OctaiPipe or access the OctaiPipe model zoo to accelerate your AI learning.

Overcome engineering shortages through automated and resilient systems and utilise collaborative continuous learning across thousands of devices.

Deliver on-device intelligence without compromising data privacy, without relying on constant connectivity and without breaking the bank.

For afficionados & Industrialists

Access new market opportunities and generate new revenues by leveraging OctaiPipe to enhance your existing products and services with AI.

Enable Hardware as a Service business models by using OctaiPipe to accelerate your time to market and render edge devices intelligent.

Gain the competitive edge by seamlessly scaling your applications across your customer base with private and secure collaborative learning.

IoT, data, and Edge AI IN ACTION

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